Pool Pack is like no other lounge chair cover out there.

Patent pending!

How the Pool Pack works:

Step 1.

Put your pool things in your pack and head to the pool. It’s a backpack, so it’s comfy on your shoulders and large items wont be awkward like they are in a tote.


Step 2.

Unhook the stainless steel clasps from the each of the straps so you can open up the pack.


Step 3.

Take everything out of the pack and set your stuff on the chair or the ground as you shimmy the pack’s back pocket over the chair.  Once the back is covered, you can access the huge mesh pouch. Put the big things in there (towels, pool toys, bags of snacks, etc) and spread the rest of the towel out.


Step 4.

Attach the matching bag to the clasps on the left edge of the towel to hold all the little stuff like sunscreen, a book, keys, sunglasses, tablet, wallet, etc.  If you’re at a busy pool, it’s easy to unhook the bag and take it with you if you need to leave your chair.  Slip your phone in the attached zippered phone pouch on the right side of the towel. No more bringing your purse to the pool! PLUS you’ll love not digging through a massive tote for sunblock or your wallet.


Step 5.

Have a blast at the pool- obviously!

How the Pool Pack came to be

Ricci Larsen, owner and designer of the Pool Pack, loves to entertain and travel with her husband Mark, her 3 children and 5 grandkids.


She’s a DIY maven and isn’t afraid to knock through walls, tear down sheetrock or break out the drill to make her home more efficient and beautiful.


As a young mom, Ricci was the one who had the toys organized in bins, a Tupperware kitchen and an alphabetized pantry.  She was busy and knew that being organized frees up a lot of time.


Over the years, whenever they traveled to beach resorts, she prepped for days at the pool as best she could.  However, carrying several totes while hanging on to a willful toddler darn near pulled her arm out of the socket more than once.


She just wanted to lay by the pool, have some drinks and relax, but that’s hard to do when you’re constantly helping your kids find stuff in all the bags you had to bring.


Later on in life, she saw other moms struggling at the pool as she did (wet bags and clothes, scattered toys and sunscreens) and she knew there was a better way.


With a few towels, rope, a stapler, duct tape and a couple of used make-up bags, Ricci went to work.  After coming up with a basic pattern, she bought a sewing machine and taught herself how to sew.  She knew that the pack not only had to be easy to use and organized, but had to be super comfy, durable and machine washable.


It took a few years of trial and error, but she figured out how to get organized for a day at the pool while looking pretty darn cute.


Seriously, pool time just got a whole lot easier.  You’re gonna love your PoolPack!

Pool Pack Towels closed up as backpacks by a pool
Pool Pack Lounge Chair covers with pockets by a pool.


  • The towel is made of soft, color-fast polyester and is machine washable.  Throw it in the wash with your other towels and dry on medium heat.
  • The comfortable straps are made of nylon.
  • The clasps are made of stainless steel.